Internet Advancement

Use Internet Advancement to record awards, ranks, and merit badges to youth from any online location, including at home or at the office. You will be able to add new ranks and awards to your member records and to update existing ranks and awards, should the earned date displayed be incorrect according to the unit’s records.

Internet Advancement allows you to register once as a first time user and then to log in as a returning user to submit ranks and awards for your unit members. If you log out before you submit a report, your data will be saved. Additionally, Internet Advancement will dynamically return you to the Stage you were in when you left. For example, if you have completed Stage 1 of the process, when you return, you will begin at Stage 2.

Unit Advancement Processor
If the unit appoints a new unit processor, contact the council to reset the unit’s profile. The new unit advancement processor registers as a first time user. The council can reset the profile if the current unit advancement processor wants to change information such as e-mail address or telephone.

Submitting Reports
Units set their own schedule for submitting reports. We recommend submitting a report every month. Each December a final report with anything not already recorded for the year should be submitted before month end.

Visit the Internet Advancement website for additional resources and getting started with tracking your unit’s advancements.

Review the Internet Advancement Powerpoint for additional information.

Load Roster
Find out how to load your unit’s roster.

Register and Log-in
Find all the information regarding how to register and log-in to Internet Advancement here.

Update Member
These instructions provide you a step-by-step process on how to update a Scout’s record.

Submit Report
This will provide you instructions on the steps you need to take to submit a report.

Frequently Asked Questions
Here is a compiled list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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