Camp Russell

Camp Russell offers a full Trail to First Class experience.  Our conservation and forestry area has won national awards. When Samuel T. Russell made his initial gift of land in 1918, he started a tradition that has lasted more than 90 years.  From an idea, Camp Russell has become one of the premier camps in the country camping more than 1000 youth each summer from communities all throughout the East.Â


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Base Camp at Camp Russell is for Boy Scouts (ages 11-18 or grades 6-12) and runs for 5 weeks. Ith 6 one—week sessions, it’s a great opportunity for Scouts to work Merit Badges that cannot be completed at home. The camp’s adventure and placement programs give Scouts the opportunity to share great experiences with existing friends and make lots of new ones.Â



  • Conservation – Astronomy, Environmental Science, Fish and Wildlife Management, Forestry, Geology, Mammal Studies, Nature, Soil and Water Conservation, and Weather
  • Handi Craft – Basketry, Leatherworking, Wood Carving, and Photography
  • Russell Rangers – 1st year campers: Tenderfoot – 1st Class, Skills Focus
  • Scout Craft – Backpacking, Cooking, First Aid, Camping, Hiking, Wilderness Survival, Indian Lore, Orienteering, and Pioneering
  • Shooting Sports – Archery, Fishing and Fly Fishing, Rifle, Tomahawk Throw, and Shotgun and Muzzle Loader Shooting
  • Tech – Computers, Robotics, Inventions, and Game Design
  • Waterfront – Swimming, Canoeing, Lifesaving, Kayaking, Small Boat Sailing, Watersports, Paddle Boarding and the Famous Mile Swim
  • Other – Climbing, Search and Rescue, Scouting Heritage, and a Trail to Eagle (Emergency Preparedness, Citizenship in the World, Citizen in the Nation, Communications, and Cycling)


  • BSA Lifeguard
  • Mighty Challenge
  • Mountain Boarding
  • Open Swim & Boating
  • Open Shooting
  • Opening and Closing Campfires
  • Paddle Craft Supervisor
  • Water Carnival
  • Waterfront Safety Supervisor
  • Youth & Adult Leader Training


Scout – 2nd Class

Russell Ranger Program*, Leave-No-Trace, Totin’ Chip, Firem’n Chit, Paul Bunyan, First Aid, CPR

1st Class – Eagle

50 Miler, Merit Badges, Trek Base Programs, World Conservation Award

 *All Scouts who participate in the Russell Ranger Program receive the Russell Ranger Patch


Treks & Outposts are great for older Scouts and entire troops.These hands-on experiences include camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, orienteering, GPS, and outdoor skills. Scouting Go & Do programs like these focus on the challenge, rather than rank advancement or Merit Badges.


  • Adirondack Outpost: 4 days, Cedarlands
  • Day Tripper: 1 day, Camp Russell: Boonville Bike, The Outlet Kayak Trip, Eagle Trail Hike
  • Hike, Bike & Paddle Trek: 5 days*, Adirondack Park & Cedarlands
  • Northern Forest Canoe Trail: 3 or 5 days*, Adirondack Park
  • White Water Adventure: 1 day**, Camp Russell

*Refer to Trek Fees

** Base Camp Fee plus $60.



  • Session 1: July 5-11
  • Session 2: July 12-18
  • Session 3: July 19-25
  • Session 4: July 26 – August 1


Fees are waived for two Adult Leaders at Base Camp with 8+ paid Scouts per Troop. All fees increase $15 after June 1st.Â


  • $325/ScoutÂ
  • $100/Leader
  • $300/Scout Sibling

Special Trek Fees

  • Standard Canoe Trek: $350/Scout or Leader*
  • Hike, Bike & Paddle Trek: $350/Scout or Leader*

            * One free Leader is included for all Treks.

Call for custom treks and pricing.

CAMP 411

Camp Accreditation

All of our camps are regulated by the New York State Department of Health and accredited by the Boy Scouts of America based on the organization’s National Camping Standards.

Provisional Troop           Â

The Council has staff to accommodate a Scout wants to come to camp without leadership.