District Committee Duty Cards

This printer friendly set of cards will make sure that your district team is on track.

Community Organizations and the Boy Scouts of America Through organization and cooperation with other agencies, the BSA promotes the ability of boys to do things for themselves and others, trains them in Scoutcraft, and to teaches them patriotism, courage, self-reliance, and kindred virtues.
The New-Unit Organization Process
This publication details each of the 12 steps in organizing a new Scouting unit.
New Unit Resource Kits

Each of these kits contains step-by-step instructions and resource materials for organizing a new unit with a specific organization.

Resources for Commissioners

NEW! Unit Commissioner Fast Start—This new online fast start training is an orientation designed for all commissioners to learn about the job responsibilities for a unit commissioner. This ‘fast start’ training is designed to be taken by all commissioner within the first few weeks of agreeing to be a commissioner. Other training opportunities will be provided by your local council and district to support your job as a commissioner. This is only the introduction of your new position in Scouting. You should also take other training courses shared in the Commissioner Fieldbook, working directly with your local district and council commissioners.
Unit Visit Tracking System
National Commissioner’s Podcast
Basic Commissioner Manuals
Roundtable Support
The National Website for Commissioners
Subscribe to the National Commissioners’ Podcast
The “Commissioner Podcast” will roll out new topics of interest to commissioners throughout the year. You can download the .mp3 audio files directly from this page, for use on your computer or digital music player.