Campmaster’s Popcorn is made exclusively for sale by the Boy Scouts of America units. It’s our largest annual fundraiser that runs mid-August through November.

This annual council-wide fundraiser assists local units in raising money for summer resident or day camps, adventures, supplies, registration fees, and advancement badges. Monies raised at the council level contribute to valuable programs such as Scout Reach, a program that provides support to individuals, training volunteers to be better Scouts, and sustaining camp facilities.

Purchasing popcorn outside of a retail store (show-and-sell) or ordering popcorn (take-order), is the easiest way to help units raise money. Over 70% of all sales dollars remain here to support our Scouts at the council and the unit level.

Listed below are all of the dates and information you need to know in order to have a successful popcorn sale. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact the Scout Service Center.

Key Dates
8/15, Popcorn delivery to Teal’s Express
Council-Wide Popcorn Kickoff
Distribution of popcorn to units at Kickoff
Council Take-Order start date
10/15, Council Take-Order end date
10/18, Unit orders due to council
11/1, Distribution of popcorn from Teal’s

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